The Engines

The Typhon was originally pencilled in as the super-charged version of the T440R. It was expected that the majority of orders for the road cars would be for the Typhon. The T440R was scheduled for homologation purposes to allow the race cars to go to Le Mans. As far as we know, all private orders were ultimately for Typhons. The T440R that was built was delivered to Lawrence Tomlinson who at that time was running 2 T400R racers and had just purchased 2 more.

The original engine used a Vortech super-charger and was aimed at delivering 500BHP. In reality, when fitted to the orange Typhon the results were over 600BHP and approaching 500 ft/lbs. At that time, given a weight of just over 1000KG, this was a level of performance only surpassed by the MacLaren F1 in power to weight terms. The Typhon was going to be a very serious car.

TVR’s in-house sequential gearbox.Development of the cars ground to a halt as TVR struggled to get the car to handle the heat that the engine was producing under forced induction. Ultimately, the heat issue was deemed too serious to allow the orange car to be delivered to its original purchaser. At the same time the optional sequential 6 speed box had stalled at the development stage (having locked in third on more than one occasion). The reality was that TVR was running out of money and the Typhon project eventually stalled, only to be formally halted by the new owner of TVR post 2006.

In the end, the orange car retained the super-charger set-up but never left the factory while the two reflex charcoal Typhons were fitted with 4.0 Tuscan S engines and registered in 2006.


GenII FFF S6 Powerplant.
The orange Typhon was restored in 2010/11. As part of the restoration work a new engine was specifically built for the car. The power plant was the first GenII FFF S6 engine. This design is predominatly defined by its replacement of the once troublesome finger followers with traditional buckets (the design duplicated from the Speed 12 head). Featuring re-designed oil pathways and cam design the head is a totally new casting. Designed to deliver a ‘racing style’ delivery it has a 8000+RPM rev range and a very high cam. VCT is to be added in 2013 to complete the project and allow the top end of the range to work at its optimum while retaining strong torque figures off the cam.

4.5 Super Sports S6.
Typhon TYP110N had the original factory 4.0 S6 until 2012 when it was rebuilt as the 4.5 Super Sports S6.

This is an extremely popular and well proven solution where the increased cc are derived from both boring and stroking the original block. At the same time the original head is revised to ensure better oil flow. The result is an engine that while it has a marginally lower rev range has an enormous level of torque from a low level making it an extremely powerful road engine. This engine was campaigned successfully in 2011 by Team Winstanley against far more exotic competition.

Original factory 4.0 S6.
The second reflex charcoal Typhon, T14HON, is still going strong on its original factory built S6. It goes to show that ultimately TVR did resolve many of the early issues with the engine by the end.

There are currently no plans to rebuild or modify this engine.