Ordered from the TVR factory in November 2002, this is the only Typhon that has been owned by the same individual through to the present day.

Classic TVR Styling.

Order number 29867 was confirmed on the 27th March 2003 for a T440R with a Reflex Charcoal body colour (as per the 2003 show car) and Ocean Green/Beige Lamonta interior with 19 inch wheels and air conditioning. The option to include rear seats was chosen over the inclusion of a larger fuel tank.

In 2003 TVR had announced the introduction of the T440R to be the more powerful model alongside the T400R in order to compete in the Le Mans series, where the FIA required there to be at least two models of a road going car.

The T440R would be exactly the same as the T400R but with a greater power output from an increased engine capacity of 4.0 litres to 4.2 litres.

The story behind this particular car sums up the epic journey from TVR’s original announcement of the T440R road car in 2002, through to the final delivery of this vehicle in 2006. TVR offered the option to have the engine configured at either 400 bhp or 440 bhp (the choice being either improved acceleration or higher top speed). The order was later upgraded to a Typhon when TVR announced the introduction of the supercharged model that would include a sequential gearbox.

It has been well documented that TVR’s fortunes changed with cost cuts to the Speed 6 engine programme and the number of resulting warranty claims coupled with slowing car sales and the launch of the T350 and Sagaris models. These problems ultimately led to a decision to end the Le Mans and GT racing programmes, the closure of the Composites Department at the factory and with the sale of the company, the Typhon programme was brought to an abrupt end.

By November 2005, TVR had confirmed that the original order for this car would not be completed as a T440/Typhon but that 1 of the 3 vehicles would be available at a final cost of £89,000. The car would be badged as a Typhon but without a supercharger and sequential gearbox.

Following a test drive of the completed car in February 2006, this vehicle became the first and only Typhon to be delivered to a customer, registered as PN06EHX and finally taking to the road on the 1st March 2006.

The registration plate TYP110N was acquired from a potential owner that had retired from the order list in 2005 and the car was re-registered within a few months of delivery to its current identify.

In March 2007, the car was the main feature of an article in EVO magazine entitled “TVR Typhon – The final chapter?” when Jethro Bovingdon summed up the Typhon perfectly:
Evo road test – March 2007.
“The fact remains that the Typhon is everything a TVR should be in so many ways.
It’s uniquely aggressive in the way it looks and sounds, it demands all of your skill and application to exploit it and there are moments when no other car could match the involvement and sheer excitement it serves up.
Peter Wheeler would love it and every TVR owner in the world would recognise their own car’s DNA writ large in its personality.”

In January 2011 TVR Power’s 4.5 Supersport upgrade package was chosen as it was clear that the car would easily accommodate an improvement in performance. The upgraded engine was run-in and by May 2011 the car returned to Coventry for an engine re-map.

Thanks to the Typhon’s unique exhaust system, initial runs on the rolling road at TVR Power produced over 400 bhp at the wheels with 370 ft lbs of torque.

With an indicative 485 bhp at the flywheel and a kerb weight of 1,060 kgs, this Typhon is a seriously quick car with a 0-60 mph time of 3.3 seconds and a 0-100 mph time of 7.1 seconds.

TYP110N now has a power-plant to match its pedigree.