This was the car that made the Typhon debut in 2003 at the MPH Motor Show and without doubt, was the star of the show.

2003 MPH Motor Show.

With Reflex Charcoal paintwork, and grey and green leather interior it was the first formal outing of the Typhon which had been announced earlier in the year.

The car displayed the sequential gear lever that was one of the key options for the super charged Typhon, a six speed gearbox that had been designed and built in-house and displayed at the 2002 NEC Motor Show on the stand next to the T400R Prototype car.

By this time the options of the long range, or race, fuel tank or 2+2 seating configurations of the T400R and T440R had been dropped and going forward all cars would feature the ‘race’ tank and the 2+2 configuration as standard. The new options being the manual or sequential gearbox and the interior trim being wholly bespoke, designed by the client.

The interior while at the factory.

This car then went on a tour of regional TVR show rooms after the MPH show before returning to the factory. It was never actually road registered or fully running during this period.

In 2006 the new owner of TVR commissioned the car to be completed for his own personal use. In 2007 it was sold to a private buyer and found its new home in Aberdeen until 2010 when it was sold to its current owner.

It still runs with the original 4.0 S6 factory engine.