Auto Club Revolution

In 2012 Auto Club Revolution worked with the owner of TYP 110N to add the Typhon to its list of cars:

“The TVR Typhon lives up to the TVR badge with it’s astounding power, rear wheel drive and light chassis. The TVR Typhon was a sports car designed and built by the British car manufacturer TVR in their former factory in Blackpool. The Typhon is possibly the fastest production TVR ever, except the Cerbera Speed 12 which was produced only in one example.

Like all TVRs, the car lacked any electronic safety devices such ABS or any kind of traction control believing it to be safer without. Its power was originally planned to have stemmed from a supercharged 4200cc TVR Speed Six straight six engine that powers the Tuscan, Sagaris and Cerbera Speed Six, with the lightly tuned Speed Six 4.0 litre engine and a non-supercharged 4.2 litre engine to service the lesser models of the range – the T400 and T440 respectively, meant to denote their proposed power output figures in brake horsepower. The lesser cars were required for homologation purposes – the T400R race cars were not supercharged. The power was to be put down through either the Tuscan S manual gearbox, or a race-style true sequential gearbox with adjustable gear ratios.”